Tips About Monte Verde

Atualizado: 3 de Mai de 2019

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For those who come to Monte Verde for the first time, we have the idea that Monte Verde is summarized from the Ipiranga gas station, the banking branch of Bradesco. kkkkkkkk.

   We recommend you to visit Vila da Fonte, it is only 1km from the tourist center. It is known as the local village, with good options in restaurants for home-cooked food, snack bars, pizzerias (Coma in Casa da Pizza) and much more. Thinking of buying food for a walk there are supermarkets and groceries. Also find pharmacies (Farma + Vitta (35) 3438 1445).

Remembering that;

Banks - There is no 24h cash or ATM,

Only Bradesco Agency operating from 10am to 3pm. Cash machine.

Useful Telephone Numbers

Hospital ABMV (35) 3438-1595

Police Station - Monte Verde (35) 3438-2876 / 99115-0641

Monte Verde Bus Station (35) 3433-2112